Use Your Key – Prayer Campaign

Use Your Key

Prayer is the key to a closer relationship with God, by taking even five minutes a day to pray; you will feel closer to Him.


“Come near to God, and He will come near to you.”

(James Ch.4 v.8)


At Weston Methodist Church, our members and regular worshippers are welcome to become keyholders for the chapel premises, should they so wish and at the Stewards’ discretion. Keyholders are invited to visit the church whenever they can during the week in order to spend some time in prayer. By coming into the premises to pray, our church building will truly become a house of prayer and the Holy Spirit will be able to work in us and through us.


Whilst our members and regular worshippers are in church to pray, they are invited to place one of the little keys into the hand-shaped bowl on the platform. If they are not able to visit church and have prayed at home instead, they are asked to arrange for someone to place a key in the hand-shaped bowl on their behalf. As part of our Sunday morning service, the hand-shaped bowl containing the keys is placed on the Communion table as a symbol of our prayer offering to God.


We often find that the words of a favourite hymn or a Psalm in the Bible can assist us in our prayers.

STOP and pray is also another idea which may help: –

Sorry Thankyou Offer Please

(Say sorry for your sins. Thank God for all He does for you. Offer to serve Him better. Ask for his help – please Lord!)


In addition to our “Use Your Key” Prayer Campaign, we also hold a short Prayer Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 10:30am, followed by refreshments at 11:00am.