Fundraising for All We Can

We are fundraising in support of an All We Can Partnership Project.

Formerly known as the Methodist Relief & Development Fund (MRDF), All We Can has its roots in the British Methodist Church and is inspired by Christian principles to focus on those in greatest need. All We Can is a pioneering international development, relief and advocacy organisation that believes in the power of partnership. By supporting and strengthening local partners, organisations, churches and emerging initiatives that share our vision and values, All We Can aims to implement effective and sustainable solutions for people living in some of the world’s poorest and least served communities.

Weston Methodist Church is supporting a Partnership Project in the Wakiso district of central Uganda which aims to increase access to clean water and to improve sanitation for thousands of children and adults. Our Partnership Project will work in four ways:

  1. Providing improved water and sanitation facilities
  2. Promoting good hygiene practice
  3. Lobbying for better services from the government
  4. Setting up community based Water User Committee Groups, Community Health Monitoring Teams and School Health Clubs (SCHs) who monitor and promote their work

We are arranging a number of fundraising events in support of this Partnership Project. Details of our next event will be announced shortly.